Press Releases

Everydisk Brings Post-Cloud Storage to Everyman

Five-year-old bootstrapped startup Avatron Software is today launching a Kickstarter project to help develop its new software platform, Everydisk. Everydisk will let people easily access and interact with all their files, on any of their computers, from anywhere in the world. UPDATE: The Kickstarter was a success!

Air Display 2 Optimized for Apple A7 in iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina Display

Air Display was the first usable app to let you use a nearby device as a wireless second display, and with the recent update to Air Display 2, Avatron Software has streamlined the interface, introduced multiple-display connectivity, and optimized the video drivers to take advantage of Apple’s latest hardware, the iPhone 5s and new iPads. […]

Air Display app turns your tablet or smart phone into a second screen

With Air Display, organization goes up, desktop clutter goes down and productivity wins the day.