Air Display

Turn your iPad into
an extra screen

Introducing Air Display 3: Now with USB

Air Display

Extend your screen to your iPad,
give yourself more room to work.
Now with USB!

“Avatron couldn’t be launching Everydisk at a better time.” –Ken Westin, Security Researcher, Tripwire

Everydisk will be an app for Mac or PC that gives you full, direct access to all your computers, allowing you to keep your data on machines you control.

How many times has this happened: You’re traveling with your laptop, and need to get some work done, but you realize you left one of the files you need on your computer at the office.

Everydisk completely solves this problem by making it easy for you to create a secure, direct connection between the computer you’re using and any or all of your other computers. The remote computer’s hard drive appears on your desktop, just as it would if you plugged it in directly. You can then click through all your folders on that drive, or any drive or networked server connected to that remote computer.

Our Kickstarter project completed successfully on January 25, 2014. Thank you to all of our backers!