How to Augment Your Computer with an iPad

“You have a bunch of different options to turn your iPad into a second display, but we prefer Air Display as the easiest option.”



“Recent studies have shown that a second monitor can increase productivity by up to 50 percent and Air Display turns your iPad into a second monitor… For ten bucks.”


Accounting Today

“For any professional needing a dual screen on the go or in the office without the added cost of buying one, there’s Air Display.”

– Accounting Today


“For those times when you need to use a big-boy computer, Air Display can turn your iPad into a second monitor.”


iPhone Life

“Creatives now have a secret weapon: Air Display, a critically acclaimed mobile productivity app for teams needing additional screen real estate to enhance productivity.”

– iPhone Life

Mobile App Index

“Given all these functions along with the promise of increased productivity and organization, you will surely get your money’s worth.”

– Mobile App Index

Air Display by Avatron

“For my upcoming presentation, I now won’t need a traditional conference room with a compatible projector. Instead I’ll set an iPad in front of my audience while I drive the presentation from my laptop.”

– Jenerik Images Photography

CBS MoneyWatch

“If you have an iPad, you can take advantage of the device’s high-resolution screen and use it as if it were fancy wireless monitor.”

CBS MoneyWatch