Everydisk on Kickstarter

Thanks, Kickstarter supporters! Our Everydisk project has reached 50% of its goal. But we only have 10 days left in the campaign, so if you know anybody who might be interested in backing the development of direct, secure, easy-to-use access to remote files, please send them a link to Everydisk. (Currently, we have everydisk.com pointing to the Kickstarter page.)

10 days: the tension is palpable here. It took us 20 days to get to 50%, so we need to double the pace to reach 100% in 10 more days. But with your help, we can do it!

For reference, here is an excerpt from our first newsletter:

Happy holidays from Avatron and welcome to our first ever newsletter! We have some exciting news to share about the year ahead and want to invite you along for the ride.

Everydisk for Everybody

Have you ever left an important document on your office computer when you need to work on it from home?

Are you concerned about your personal files given all the recent news of hackers, marketers, and spies targeting cloud storage companies?

Everydisk will solve these problems by making it easy for you to create a secure, direct connection between the computer you’re using and any or all of your other computers.

We’ve been working on Everydisk and we have a working prototype already, but it’s a big project and we’re a small (but mighty!) team, so we need your help.

Join our merry band

We’ve just launched our Everydisk Kickstarter project, and we’d love you to take a look.

By backing our Kickstarter project, you will get early access to the software, a free subscription, and most importantly to us, your support and feedback on Everydisk as we’re deciding on its features and functionality.

Please visit our Kickstarter page to learn more about Everydisk.