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Stay productive while sheltering at home

I hope you’re safe and healthy.

At Avatron, we know it can be a challenge for professionals to remain productive while sheltering at home, so we decided to do our part to help. It dawned on us that many of us have both a work Mac laptop and a home Mac. So we went back and recommitted to Air Display for Mac. And now we have…

Two Big Air Display Announcements!

New Mac client. We’ve released an all-new Mac client for Air Display in the Mac App Store. Now you can combine your home Mac and your work Mac, and become a multi-monitor workstation-productivity wizard.
New Mac host. You’ll want to update to our latest release of the macOS host software for Air Display. The old version required a complicated workaround to install on recent versions of macOS 10.15 (Catalina). The new version 3.3 installs with ease. And it enables the performance improvements in the Mac client app.

—Dave Howell, Avatron CEO