Frequently Asked Questions


What is Everydisk?

Everydisk is an app for Mac or PC (and soon iOS, Android, and Linux) that gives you full, direct access to all your computers from anywhere on the Web, allowing you to keep your data on machines you control.

I backed your Kickstarter. Where’s my stuff?

First of all: thank you! You and our other 654 backers are our favorite people.

Here’s the status of all the deliverables:

  • Stickers, Shirts, & App Codes: Sent!

As for the development work on the app itself, it’s going full blast. Chris is elbow-deep in the networking code for the Mac version, and although we’re a few months late (sorry!) we do not know about any issues that we won’t be able to resolve.

Meanwhile, we’re working on the details of the beta program, so after we make sure Everydisk behaves reasonably well, we’re going to release it to our beta team (if you’re a backer of the Kickstarter, this means you!)

I didn’t back Everydisk. Can I still?

We’re happy to let you know when Everydisk is ready to go, but the Kickstarter project ended January 25th, 2014. Send us an email and we’ll keep you in the loop.