Air Display

Turn your iPad into
an extra screen

Introducing Air Display 3: Now with USB

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Air Login

Wherever you go, there's your Mac.

Air Display workflow

Air Display

Extend your screen to your iPad,
give yourself more room to work.
Now with USB!

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Air Display

Extend your computer screen to a nearby iOS device, Mac, or PC. Increase productivity with an extra screen or mirror your main display to up to 4 screens. Now with USB and all of the Air Stylus features!

Air Stylus

Use your Galaxy Note as a graphics tablet. A pressure-sensitive screen for your computer. Draw into your favorite graphics software. NOTE: On iOS, this has been superseded by Air Display 3.

Air Login

Connect to your home or office Macs while on the go. Air Login lets you use an iPhone or iPad to control your Macs over Wi-Fi or the web. Easy, fast, and intuitive.

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