Frequently Asked Questions
Air Login


What are the minimum system requirements for Air Connect?

Air Connect requires at minimum OS X 10.7.5 with an Intel 64 bit CPU.

Which iOS devices can run Air Login?

• iPad 1 or higher
• iPod touch 4th Gen or higher
• iPhone 3GS or higher

What operating systems are compatible with Air Connect?

Air Connect can be run on OS X 10.7.5 and higher.

Will Windows be supported?

Not at this time. If you would like to add your support to a version for Windows, please let us know.

Will Linux or Android be supported?

We don’t have anything to announce on Linux or Android this time. We are concentrating on Mac OS X and iOS for now.

Are computers with more than one display supported?

Yes. Computers with dual displays are currently supported. Computers with more than two displays require high memory devices such as the iPad 3 or iPad 4 in order to successfully work.


Do I have to have an Air Connect account to use Air Login?

Yes. Air Connect is the service that enables your computer to be connected with Air Login. Your Air Connect account will provide you with Air Login, and Everydisk functionality. In the future you can expect us to deliver more Air Connect services and more Air Connect-compatible apps.

What is App Grid?

App Grid enables you to quick-zoom between your open windows in Air Login. In the iPad version the App Grid can be accessed using the button on the Air Login control panel at the bottom of the screen. In the iPhone/iPod Touch version you can use the same control panel button or you can quickly access the App Grid by swiping left on the control panel.

How do the different mouse modes work?

Trackpad Mode behaves just like using a normal trackpad.
Direct Touch Mode works like a touch screen. Try it with a stylus!
Centered Mouse Mode pins the mouse cursor to the center of the screen. Great on smaller devices.

What encryption does Air Login use?

Air Login uses AES-128 encryption to make sure that the data you transmit is secure.

Where is the menubar in the iPhone version?

In the iPhone version the menubar is accessed by swiping the Air Login control panel to the right.

Can I play audio from my computer to my device?

Air Login currently does not transmit audio to your device. In the future we hope to add this functionality.

Does Air Login support bluetooth keyboards?

Yes. Air Login is fully compatible with bluetooth keyboards.

Can I connect via a 3G or LTE network?

Yes, Air Login does work over 3G or LTE data plans. However, Air Login can use a large amount of bandwidth so we recommend using the app on wi-fi networks to avoid exceeding any bandwidth limits on your data plan.

How much bandwidth does Air Login use?

Air Login will use as much bandwidth as it can in order to provide the fastest experience possible. For most connections, including LTE data plans, this is generally around 200kb/s.

Can I use Air Login from a public wireless network?

Yes. Air Login utilizes Avatron’s new Avoxy connection protocol which allows connections through firewalls and other network security.

Can Air Login connect to multiple different computers?

Yes. Air Login can connect to any computer that has Air Connect installed and is logged in to your account.

Can Air Login let me control my iOS device from my computer?

No. Air Login will only allow you to control your computer from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

Can I connect to my computer from two devices at the same time?

No. Air Connect can only support a single connection at a time.


Why is my computer saying it is offline?

If the computer is showing up in the Air Login app but is showing up as offline it means that either the Air Connect software is not logged in, no longer installed, the computer has gone to sleep, or the computer is turned off.

How can I improve the speed of Air Login?

The speed of Air Login is based on the speed of your internet connection.

How do I uninstall Air Connect?

To uninstall Air Connect click on the menubar icon and then click ‘Uninstall Air Connect.

The client app is not downloading/installing to my iOS device

If you are having difficulties downloading or installing the client app on to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, try doing a hard restart on the device and trying again.

Air Login is unable to connect to my computer

If you are unable to connect, try the removing the Air Login app from being backgrounded on your iOS device. To do this, double-press your Home button to display recently used apps. Tap and hold the Air Login app until a red minus appears. Tap the red minus to quit the app. Afterwards open the app again and retry the connection.

The Air Connect menubar icon turned red , what does this mean?

If the Air Connect icon in the menubar changes color to red it means that Air Login is currently connected to your computer.

I didn’t receive my activation email, now what?

If you did not receive the activation email for your account you can contact and we can confirm the address on file and resend the activation email for you.