Air Login – Remotely control your Mac with your iPad or iPhone

“Air Login stands out for its ease of use and beautiful and effective user interface.” —TUAW


Connect from anywhere

Air Login connects over the Internet to present your Mac OS X screen on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.


Ease of use

A virtual trackpad lets you move a mouse cursor around on the screen and interact with the Mac user interface.


Remotely access files and apps

Access the power of your Mac apps from wherever you are. Air Login is FREE for local network use, or subscribe to use everywhere.


Your files are secure

The Air Connect® server connects your devices even if they’re behind firewalls, on a cell connection, or on a very restrictive network.

Easy To Set Up

Install the Air Connect® driver on your Macs.

Download Air Login to your iPad or iPhone.

Launch Air Login on your iPad or iPhone and you are connected

Simple Setup

Install Air Connect on your Mac, log in and it’s ready to go whenever you tap Air Login on your iPad

Quick Switch

App grid makes it easy to find the app you need on your Mac quickly

Big menu

Air Login makes it easy to connect despite firewalls or dynamic IP addresses


Free when both devices are on same network — subscribe to drive your Mac over the Web

The thoughtfulness of the features, the care in the design and the overall understanding of hot people want and need to do work convince me that this is a product worth watching for.

Erica SadunThe Unofficial Apple Weblog

Remote control with Air Login, even over a mobile connection, is fast and definitely optimized for use on a small screen.

Steven SandeThe Unofficial Apple Weblog

“Getting around on the remote Mac and working with apps is easier with Air Login than with any other remote access app I’ve seen.”

Patrick JordaniPad Insight