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Teleprompter Mode

Using Air Display with a Teleprompter With Air Display 3.4, you can use an iPad with a teleprompter. The point of a teleprompter is to let you look right into your screen while recording a video or engaging in a video conference. It’s so much more personal than looking down away from the camera to […]

Air Display update available with critical bug fix

A couple of days ago we introduced version 3.3.3 of Air Display for iOS. It had improvements aplenty, but unfortunately it also introduced a crash bug. We scrambled to fix that, and last night version 3.3.4 went live. If you are seeing a crash bug, please update Air Display 3 in the App Store. If […]

Air Display on Catalina

  UPDATE: This post is no longer accurate. We fixed this installer bug in April 2020. The latest Air Display host software works fine on Catalina.   The Air Display host software works great on Catalina once it’s installed. But unfortunately there’s an issue with our installer on Catalina. When you try to install Air […]

Hey look, it’s Dave in EETimes!

“Mac programmer since the 1980s, Dave Howell has been inspired by Apple design since college. For five years, he worked as a senior software engineering manager at Apple on various Pro Apps and iWork products before starting his own software design house.”

Cutting out the middleman: Everydisk from Avatron Software

“As more and more of us have begun to embrace this whole “cloud” thing, we’ve gotten pretty loose with how share files with one another—and how we access our own files. Because right now, more often than not, there’s another entity of some sort serving as the go-between in the whole process. But that may […]