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  1. Michal
    Michal says:

    I want to buy air display 3, but there is no windows version for now. I am considering to buy Dual app as an alternative with wire support, which is more important for me. Buying ad2 now, then ad3 is not very good deal. Maybe you create bundle with ad2 and ad3 for 1 dollar more than ad3 price? Then i will buy it and can wait for ad3 with windows support… Or maybe you can tell, when win support update will be released?

    • Dave Howell
      Dave Howell says:

      Hi Michael. Good news: We have JUST (fifteen minutes ago) submitted an Upgrade Bundle to Apple. This app bundle includes Air Stylus, Air Display 2, Air Display 3.

      Since AD2 is $10 and AD3 is $15, you will be able to “Complete My Bundle” for $5. I mean, unless Apple rejects our Upgrade Bundle submission, which seems very unlikely. It should go live in a couple of days or so. Their bundle approval process is pretty quick and painless.

  2. Richard
    Richard says:

    I understand your frustrations with Apple and App Store calling all the shots over product compatibility and sales policies.

    However, it doesn’t feel so great to discover that, having just paid for downloaded AirDisplay2, you’ve already announced Air display 3 and will be charging me extra for it.

    I had considered the new wired alternative from another supplier, but chose yours to see whether the cheaper wireless version is tolerable first.

    I think you would win more support if you told buyers in advance of buying air display 2 that air display 3 is on its way and you’ll be offering a free upgrade, or had a least set a price for the upgrade.


    • Dave Howell
      Dave Howell says:

      Hi Richard. We’re in the process of preparing an Update Bundle, which will let you upgrade to Air Display 3 for a significantly discounted price. This will have to go through Apple’s approval process, but our experience so far is that that process is not very onerous for app bundles.

  3. Felipe A
    Felipe A says:

    I have a macbook pro, running the display host in it and trying to connect to an iphone 4s and an iPad mini 2 (Both with Air Display 2 installed) but host says only devices with Air Display 2 (Note the redundancy) can be used for multiple screen. Help, please help.


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